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Conservation area no.1 - Wotton Under Edge (*adopted CAS)

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  1. Conservation Areas in Stroud District
  2. Article 4 Directions in Conservation Areas
  3. Conservation area no.1 - Wotton Under Edge (*adopted CAS)
  4. Conservation area no.2 - Amberley
  5. Conservation area no.3 - Box
  6. Conservation area no.4 - Minchinhampton
  7. Conservation area no.5 - Berkeley
  8. Conservation area no.6 - Bisley (*adopted CAS)
  9. Conservation area no.7 - Frampton on Severn (*adopted CAS)
  10. Conservation area no.8 - Kingswood (*adopted CAS)
  11. Conservation area no.9 - Alderley
  12. Conservation area no.10 - South Woodchester
  13. Conservation area no.11 - Miserden
  14. Conservation area no.12 - Pitchcombe
  15. Conservation area no.13 - Painswick
  16. Conservation area no.14 - Nympsfield
  17. Conservation area no.15 - Stinchcombe
  18. Conservation area no.16 - Stroud Top of the Town (*adopted CAS)
  19. Conservation area no.17 - Stroud Town Centre (*adopted CAS)
  20. Conservation area no.19 - Chalford Hill
  21. Conservation area no.20 - Chalford Vale
  22. Conservation area no.21 - Dunkirk Mills and Watledge (*adopted CAS)
  23. Conservation area no.22 - Ebley Mills (*adopted CAS)
  24. Conservation area no.23 - France Lynch
  25. Conservation area no.24 - Lodgemore and Fromehall Mills (*adopted CAS)
  26. Conservation area no.25 - Longfords Mills (*adopted CAS)
  27. Conservation area no.26 - Stanley Mills (*adopted CAS)
  28. Conservation area no.27 - St Mary's and Belvedere Mills (*adopted CAS)
  29. Conservation area no.28 - Stroud Station (*adopted CAS)
  30. Conservation area no.29 - Stroud Industrial Heritage (*adopted CAS)
  31. Conservation area no.30 - Uley
  32. Conservation area no.31 - Nailsworth
  33. Conservation area no.32 - Dursley
  34. Conservation area no.33 - Woodmancote
  35. Conservation area no.34 - Stratford Park (*adopted CAS)
  36. Conservation area no.35 - Gyde House
  37. Conservation area no.36 - Randwick
  38. Conservation area no.37 - Sharpness Old Dock
  39. Conservation area no.38 - Eastcombe
  40. Conservation area no.39 - Saul
  41. Conservation area no.40 - Bussage and Brownshill
  42. Conservation area no.41 - Sheepscombe
  43. Conservation area no.42 - Arlingham

Wotton Under Edge was first designated as a conservation area in August 1972. It was extended in 1988 and some minor boundary changes were made in 1999 during its first review and appraisal. A Conservation Area Statement (CAS) was adopted in November 1999 as Supplementary Planning Advice (SPA).

Wotton Under Edge conservation area statement

Wotton Under Edge CAS

The Wotton Conservation Area Statement (CAS) contains information about the character and special architectural and historic significance of the conservation area, as well as proposals for its conservation and enhancement. The document is used to guide the interpretation and application of Development Plan policies, including Local Plan Policy ES10. 

Wotton Under Edge CAS (November 1999)


You can check the current conservation area boundaries by using the Local Plan online mapping facility or Planning Constraints maps:

View current conservation area boundaries 

Article 4 direction

Although the 'Permitted Development Rights' of houses (and buildings other than shops and flats) are restricted within a Conservation Area, the additional controls brought about by designation of the Conservation Area cannot prevent many changes to these buildings. If unchecked, a successive number of such changes could damage the character of the Conservation Area.

On 2nd April 1993, the Secretary of State issued a Direction, which enables the Local Planning Authority to apply controls to certain works of alteration to specific buildings in the conservation area. These works would normally be ‘permitted development'. But in a conservation area an Article 4 direction may be applied, requiring planning permission to be sought for particular works that could potentially have a harmful effect on the character or appearance of the conservation area.

The following residential properties are affected by this Article 4 Direction:

Bear Street    
Bear Street Garage 6a  
4-5 7-8  
Bradley Street    
1 27-29 14
7 31-53 20-36
Wotton United Church 57  
The Chipping    
Church Street    
5-7 11 12
9 13-15 14
11 19 16
The Cloud    
1-3 Church Cottage  
Church Lodge    
Coombe Road    
3 9  
Dyers Brook    
Gloucester Sheet    
23-25 29a-41  
Haw Street    
12-14 27  
High Street    
Long Street    
1-3 The White Lion 27
5 28 43
11 & 11a 30 45
21 21a  
Ludgate Hill    
Manor Lane    
Lisle Cottage    
Market Street    
17 2 6
19 4 8-10
Old Town    
5-7 45 Wotton Royal British Legion
39-43 Congregational Chapel  
39-44 16-24  
Potters Pond    
School Lane    
Symn Lane    
Valley Road    

The works requiring planning permission are as follows:

Development within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse

Class A The enlargement, improvement or other alteration of a dwellinghouse.
Class B The enlargement of a dwellinghouse consisting of an addition or alteration to its roof.
Class C Any other alteration to the roof of a dwellinghouse.
Class D The erection or construction of a porch outside any external door of a dwellinghouse.
Class H The installation, alteration or replacement of a satellite antenna on a dwellinghouse or within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse.

The above five classes being development comprised within Part 1, Classes A, B, C, D and H referred to in Schedule 2 to the said Order and not being development comprised within any other part. Any works which fall into the above categories will need Planning Permission.

Minor operations:

Class A The erection, construction, maintenance, improvement or alteration of a gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure.
Class C The painting of the exterior of any building or work.

The above two classes being development comprised within Part 2, Classes A and C referred to in Schedule 2 to the said Order and not being development comprised within any other part. Any works which fall into the above categories will need Planning Permission

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