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Conservation area no.36 - Randwick

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  1. Conservation Areas in Stroud District
  2. Article 4 Directions in Conservation Areas
  3. Conservation area no.1 - Wotton Under Edge (*adopted CAS)
  4. Conservation area no.2 - Amberley
  5. Conservation area no.3 - Box
  6. Conservation area no.4 - Minchinhampton
  7. Conservation area no.5 - Berkeley
  8. Conservation area no.6 - Bisley (*adopted CAS)
  9. Conservation area no.7 - Frampton on Severn (*adopted CAS)
  10. Conservation area no.8 - Kingswood (*adopted CAS)
  11. Conservation area no.9 - Alderley
  12. Conservation area no.10 - South Woodchester
  13. Conservation area no.11 - Miserden
  14. Conservation area no.12 - Pitchcombe
  15. Conservation area no.13 - Painswick
  16. Conservation area no.14 - Nympsfield
  17. Conservation area no.15 - Stinchcombe
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  20. Conservation area no.19 - Chalford Hill
  21. Conservation area no.20 - Chalford Vale
  22. Conservation area no.21 - Dunkirk Mills and Watledge (*adopted CAS)
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  26. Conservation area no.25 - Longfords Mills (*adopted CAS)
  27. Conservation area no.26 - Stanley Mills (*adopted CAS)
  28. Conservation area no.27 - St Mary's and Belvedere Mills (*adopted CAS)
  29. Conservation area no.28 - Stroud Station (*adopted CAS)
  30. Conservation area no.29 - Stroud Industrial Heritage (*adopted CAS)
  31. Conservation area no.30 - Uley
  32. Conservation area no.31 - Nailsworth
  33. Conservation area no.32 - Dursley
  34. Conservation area no.33 - Woodmancote
  35. Conservation area no.34 - Stratford Park (*adopted CAS)
  36. Conservation area no.35 - Gyde House
  37. Conservation area no.36 - Randwick
  38. Conservation area no.37 - Sharpness Old Dock
  39. Conservation area no.38 - Eastcombe
  40. Conservation area no.39 - Saul
  41. Conservation area no.40 - Bussage and Brownshill
  42. Conservation area no.41 - Sheepscombe
  43. Conservation area no.42 - Arlingham

Randwick was first designated as a conservation area in June 1990. No boundary changes have been made since its original designation. The conservation area does not have an adopted Conservation Area Statement.

Public consultation on a Draft Conservation Area Statement (CAS) for the Randwick conservation area has now closed.

Randwick and Westrip Parish Council has worked with specialist consultants to produce a Draft CAS, which describes the character and historic significance of the conservation area and sets out a series of management proposals and design guidelines to help ensure the conservation area is conserved and enhanced. Subject to and any necessary amendments, Stroud District Council will consider adopting the document as Supplementary Planning Advice (SPA), to help inform planning decisions and steer the application of Local Plan policies within the conservation area.

Stroud District Council ran a six week public consultation on the Draft CAS, from Wednesday January 10th - Wednesday February 21st 2024. We have considered all comments made during this time and have collated them into a summary document for Randwick and Westrip Parish Council, together with recommendations for potential amendments to the Draft CAS. The Parish Council discussed these at their March meeting and have asked SDC officers to redraft the CAS as necessary and provide a revised draft to them in due course. 

Randwick Conservation Area Statement - Draft for Consultation 2024

Randwick Conservation Area Review - Parish Consultation Summary 2022

Map: proposed boundary changes (please see Part 5 of the Draft Document for more detail)

Consultation poster

Randwick CAS - Public Consultation Summary and Recommendations (March 2024)

We would like your views about the content of the Draft CAS, including proposed boundary changes and an Article 4(2) Direction to remove certain permitted development rights from some dwellings in the conservation area.

In particular, we would like to know if you think this Draft is factually accurate? Are there any factual or typographical errors? Are the proposals clear, justified and reasonable? Has anything been missed?

  NOW CLOSED Please give us your views via our online survey. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS IN THIS SURVEY - you can skip questions and choose which bits you would like to comment on. You can save progress at any point and return later to complete and submit your survey response. The survey includes an opportunity for you to upload text or image files to support your comments. 
  Please use the online survey if you can, as this greatly streamlines the consultation process and our ability to analyse results effectively. As an alternative, you can email - please reference Randwick Conservation Area in your subject header. 
  Or post comments to: Randwick Conservation Area consultation, The Planning Strategy Team, Stroud District Council, Ebley Mill, Stroud, GL5 4UB
  Date for the diary: 7.15pm Thursday January 18th. Residents and stakeholders are welcome to come to the public forum at the start of the Parish Council Meeting in Randwick Village Hall. This is an opportunity to ask members of the Parish Council and Officers from Stroud District Council any questions you may have about the Conservation Area Review and the draft document. 
  Responses to this consultation will be used for the purpose of evaluating the draft Conservation Area Statement and individual proposals within it, and identifying any changes that are necessary before it can be adopted for Planning purposes. Your comments may be published in full or in summary, but no personal data will be published and responses will be anonymised. You can find more information about data protection and how the Council processes personal information here


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