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My SDC Account

A quick and easy way to access council services at any time. Includes housing benefit, council tax support, council tax and business rates.

By registering for a My SDC account you can view up to date information, check when payments are due and report changes.  Using My SDC will save you time.  There is no need to visit, ring or write to us.  You will be able to log in at a time that suits you; 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Accounts you can manage

What you can do using My SDC Account

  • Council tax account
  • Business rates account
  • Housing benefit claim
  • Council tax support claim
  • Tenant’s housing benefit claim
  • See full details of your account or claim
  • Report changes
  • Set up a direct debit or make a payment
  • How your charges or benefits are worked out
  • Check your discounts, allowances and reliefs
  • See when your payments are due
  • View bills and letters we send to you (for documents generated post registration) 
  • Request a copy Council Tax bill or Non Domestic Rates bill
  • Order a Council Tax or Business Rates refund

Using the My SDC Account will make accessing your account much quicker and easier. There is no need for you to visit us, ring us or write to us. 

The online portal is constantly being developed and in due course additional options will become available improving the way that you can manage your account. 

How it works

If there are any changes to your account or claim we will send you a message to tell you have a document waiting.  You will then need to click on the link and sign into your account to retrieve the document.

How do I apply?

Please note that in order to register or sign into the My SDC Account portal you will need a Council Tax account number.  If you do not already have an account reference number, for example if you are new to the area or setting up your first account, please use the following link to generate an account reference number:

Register for a new Council Tax account number

 Once you have your account reference number please register or sign in using the Initial registration for My SDC Account link.  Please note that if you are, or have previously been in receipt of benefits then you will also need your national insurance number in order to register for an account

Initial registration for My SDC Account

Once you have completed the initial registration you will then be able to access the My SDC Account portal - please see link below:

My SDC Account