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Grey wheelie bin

We provide a grey wheelie-bin for your non-recyclable waste which will be collected every two weeks on the opposite week to your recycling.

  • The grey refuse bin is for non-recyclable waste only. 
  • All rubbish and bags must be able to fit in the bin and the lid must be closed. Any other rubbish put out for collection to the side or on top of the bin will not be taken.
  • Please present your bin at the kerbside for collection by 6am.


 Not accepted

  • cling film and bubble wrap
  • polystyrene
  • crisp packets
  • sanitary products
  • nappies
  • pet waste (Please make sure it is bagged)
  • vacuum cleaner dust
  • stones, gravel, rubble, builders' waste
  • garden waste, soil
  • E Cigarettes/Vapes
  • clinical waste including sharp objects, needles
  • hazardous waste, including oils and chemicals
  • DIY materials, such as construction waste, tiles, paint tins
  • electrical goods
  • waste generated from businesses
  • Car parts
  • furniture items


Can I have a smaller or bigger grey wheelie bin?

Unfortunately, the cost and practicalities of offering a service like this would not be sustainable in the long run. For us to provide different sized bins based on the amount of waste a household produces, every time occupancy in a household changes we could find ourselves swapping the bins in order to suit the individual needs of the household.  The costs of providing this service would be significant and would ultimately fall on tax payers. Over the life of the contract we could end up swapping thousands of bins as families get larger or smaller when people move home or their circumstances change.  This wouldn’t be an efficient use of the council’s resources and is ultimately why we're not introducing the service.

Replacement grey refuse wheelie bin 

If you require a replacement bin please email or call 01453 766321.

  • Real (reusable) nappies

    We encourage all parents to use reusable nappies on their babies and toddlers, as it is a much more sustainable way to manage their waste.

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