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My property isn't suitable for a bin - use of bags/sacks

There are a small number of properties that are unsuitable for our new wheeled bin service.

If you have to keep the bins outside the front of your property (not including the road) this does not automatically mean you qualify for sacks.

Use of sacks will only be available:

  • If your property is in a location that cannot be accessed by the vehicle with a tail lift
  • if a property has a physical barrier preventing a wheeled bin from being safely moved to its collection point (such as no front, side or rear access and the bin would have to be wheeled through the house)
  • if all the adults living at a property have a physical disability or infirmity that prevents them from being able to place waste in, or move, a wheeled bin
  • any other exceptional circumstance as requested by residents and agreed by the council.

A visit from an officer may be necessary to determine your suitability for using sacks. 

How do I use my sacks?

If your property has been identified as unsuitable for using wheeled bins, we have provided you with a year's worth of sacks as an alternative to the bin system.  There are enough sacks for you to use up to 3 beige rubbish sacks every fortnight. Extra sacks will NOT be collected.

Can I order extra sacks? 

Please do not exceed the given amount of sacks as we unable to provide any extra.  

When will I receive more sacks?

We will supply you with more sacks in November every year.