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Real (reusable) nappies

We encourage all parents to use reusable nappies on their babies and toddlers, as it is a much more sustainable way to manage their waste.

Facts about nappies:

  • Every day Gloucestershire throws over 86,000 disposable nappies into landfill!
  • Landfilling disposal nappies costs Gloucestershire over £100,000 per year!
  • It is estimated that disposable nappies could take up to 500 years to rot away!

Why should you choose real nappies?

  • Reduce waste - your family can cut its waste in half by switching to real nappies
  • Kinder to the environment - reusable nappies produce fewer greenhouse gases in their production, use and eventual disposal than disposable nappies
  • Save money - you can save up to £600 by choosing reusable nappies. A baby uses about half a tonne (about 5,000) of disposables from birth to potty (2.5 years average)

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