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Beige rubbish sacks

If your property is unsuitable for a wheelie bin we provide beige rubbish sacks for your non-recyclable waste which will be collected every two weeks on the opposite week to your recycling.

How do I use my sacks?

If your property has been identified as unsuitable for using wheeled bins, we have provided you with a year's worth of sacks as an alternative to the bin system.  There are enough sacks for you to use up to 3 beige rubbish sacks every fortnight.  Please do not exceed this amount, as they will NOT be collected and we are unable to provide extra sacks.  We will supply you with more sacks in November every year.  

  • The beige rubbish bags are for non-recyclable waste only.
  • Only 3 sacks per fortnight will be collected - Any additional sacks (including black sacks) will NOT be collected.
  • Please present your bags at the kerbside for collection by 6am


 Not accepted

  • cling film and bubble wrap
  • polystyrene
  • crisp packets
  • sanitary products
  • nappies
  • pet waste (Please make sure it is bagged)
  • vacuum cleaner dust
  • stones, gravel, rubble, builders' waste
  • garden waste, soil
  • clinical waste including sharp objects, needles
  • hazardous waste, including oils and chemicals
  • DIY materials, such as construction waste, tiles, paint tins
  • electrical goods
  • waste generated from businesses
  • Car parts
  • furniture items
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