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Tips for keeping your bins clean

Some suggestions for the best ways to look after your bins.

  • have you tried double wrapping your rubbish?
  • have you tried regularly cleaning your bin? 
    If a bin does become dirty, we advise that you swill it out with disinfectant or bicarbonate of soda after it has been emptied. (This does not apply to the brown garden waste bins.) You should rinse containers where appropriate.
  • have you tried wheelie bin liners and/or bin neutralizers? You can buy these from most supermarkets. 
  • if possible, store your bins out of direct sunlight. This will slow decomposition of the waste, reducing smells and also slow the development of any maggots
  • maggots and flies' eggs can be killed by using bleach, boiling water or disinfectants. If maggots get into your wheeled bin, most of them will be removed with the refuse when your bin is emptied
  • solid waste from nappies can be emptied in the toilet before being double bagged and put in the bin. Reusable nappies are recommended as they will reduce the amount of waste in the bin. 
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