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Selling your property

If you decide to transfer or sell your lease to someone else, you must notify us by email: as soon as possible to ensure that all your invoices are paid and your account is clear.  We will also need to calculate final service charges on your lease.  You must tell us about the transfer within one month of exchange of contracts or parting with possession.

We can only end your lease by taking legal action.  We will usually only do this when you have broken the conditions of your lease, for example if you do not pay your service charges.

Purchasing your flat under Right to Buy
If you bought your flat under the Right to Buy scheme after 18th January 2005 and you sell it within five years of buying it, you will have to pay back some or all of the discount you were given.  You should discuss this with your solicitor.  Also, if you want to sell your property within ten years of buying it, you will have to give Stroud District Council first refusal to buy it.  You should also discuss this with your solicitor.

Re-selling your flat
If you are buying another of our leasehold properties, make sure your solicitor writes to us to check whether there is any money owed on this new property's account.

Make sure you tell our Right to Buy team, the council's Council Tax section and utility companies (e.g. gas, water, electricity and phone line provider), that you are moving.

When you sell your property, give the buyer all the documents that are relevant to your property.  This includes any instruction booklets for appliances in your home, the written permission you had from us for alterations, and any window and door keys.

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