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Leasehold law

There are two areas of law that control service charges.  The first is the lease itself, which explains your responsibility for paying service charges and the second is any relevant national legislation.

Sections 18 to 30 of he Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 are the most relevant but this and other Acts can be amended from time to time.  The Landlord and Tenant Act explains what a service charge is and your rights as a leaseholder in relation to the service charge.  The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 (CLaRa) empowers leaseholders further and includes further legislation on Section 20, major works and consultation.

Visit Communities and Local Government's website for more information.
You can also find information at the Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE), an independent agency, or you can email them at:

If more than three-quarters of the properties in your block are leasehold, you and other residents may be able to buy the freehold of the block as long as you meet the necessary legal conditions.  This is called collective enfranchisement.  You should contact a solicitor for more advice.

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