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What is a lease?

Leasehold ownership of a flat simply means a long tenancy, which is the right to live in and use the flat for a long period - known as a the 'term' or lease.

The lease is the formal contract between you and Stroud District Council.  Both you and the council have a duty, by law, to keep to this agreement.  By signing the lease, you and we are accepting the responsibilities that are described in the lease.

Under the terms of the lease we can raise the service charge to cover costs we incur in providing services, however, we must be reasonable at all times and be able to prove the costs we have incurred, consulting with you in advance for any major costs or changes.

Other than this, we can only change the conditions of the lease if you agree or a First Tier Tribunal or court decides upon application, that it is reasonable to do so and gives permission accordingly.

It is your responsibility to read and understand your lease or to ask someone to explain it to you.  If there is something in the lease that you don't understand contact us and we will help.

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