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Repairs we are responsible for

We are responsible for:

  • The main structure of the building, including walls, windows, foundations and roofs
  • All electrical, plumbing and drainage that is supplied to the whole building
    Painting the outside of the building and all communal areas inside, such as the stairways
  • The upkeep of any estate area that your property or block forms a part of or enjoys the benefits of

Contact our repairs team  to report a repair for a shared area.

All repairs have a target date when they should be completed and we will give you this information when you report the repair.

We do not carry out any repairs that are your responsibility.  We may be able to help in exceptional circumstances (for example, you cannot do the repairs yourself and this is causing problems for other residents) but you will have to meet the full cost of the repair including VAT and pay for the work before it is carried out.

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