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Student exemptions and discounts

Student exemptions and discounts

If you have full-time students resident in your property you may be eligible for a discount depending on how many other adults live in the property, or an exemption if the property is occupied solely by students who fulfil the criteria.


To qualify as a student, you must either:

Be undertaking a full-time course of education - studying for 21 hours per week for 24 weeks per academic year

or: be under 20 years, not on a full-time course but studying for at least 12 hours a week for at least 3 months and not on a course of higher education.  Evening classes and correspondence courses do not qualify.

or: be a foreign language assistant, working in a school or other educational establishment anywhere in Great Britain, provided that they are registered as foreign language assistants with the British Council.

Properties where one or more adult is a full-time student

If there are two adults resident in your property and one is a full-time student you will be able to apply for a 25% discount on your charge. 

If there are two or more adults in the property who are not students then you will not be able to claim the discount.

Properties occupied solely by full-time students

If all the occupants in your property are full-time students you will be able to claim an exemption on your charge.  Please contact the Council Tax section for a form.  Each student will need to provide a Council Tax certificate from their college or university.

Has your child moved from your home to become a student?

If you are now the only adult in the property because someone in your property has gone away to college or university then you can claim a 25% reduction on your charge, due to sole adult occupancy.  This is because we will treat the student's term-time address as their main residence.

How to apply

Please contact us for a form.  The student will need to provide a Council Tax certificate from their college or university, which should show that the course is full-time and the start/end dates.

Tel: (01453) 766321


Tell us about a change

If you no longer qualify for a student person discount please let us know by emailing, phoning the council tax helpline (01453) 766321 or write to us at the council, quoting your council tax account reference number and/or address.

You may have to pay a fine if you don’t tell us.

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