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Freeman on the Land and Council Tax

Freeman on the Land and Council Tax

Freeman on the Land, Sovereign Citizens and similar groups believe that they are only bound by contracts and laws that they have consented to. Being a member of any of these groups does not exempt any person from paying Council Tax.

Liability for Council Tax does not require your consent or a contractual relationship with the council and no individual has a choice whether they are liable for Council Tax.

Any valid discounts and exemptions are defined in the Local Government Finance Act 1992 which governs the liability for Council Tax and further information is available on our website.

All enforcement and administration of Council Tax is detailed in The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992. Anyone who withholds payment of Council Tax will have recovery actions taken against them.

Individuals should seek proper legal advice for matters of law including Council Tax liability.

Stroud District Council will not consider any correspondence related to the avoidance of paying Council Tax that relies on these groups or any similar inaccurate arguments that have no legal basis.

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