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Internal communal areas

Clean and safe corridors and stairs
If you live in a block of flats, you are responsible for keeping your communal area (landing, hallways and stairs) clear of any items, including door mats.  This is a fire safety precaution -  cluttered corridors can claim lives.  See the council’s fire safety film which shows how smoke hinders escape from a burning building.

Regular checks are made and items left in communal areas will be removed without notice.
Help us to keep shared areas clear and free of potential fire hazards by reporting via

Fire safety doors
You should not prop open entrance doors and internal communal doors.  In the event of a fire they help to limit the rapid spread of fire, giving residents (particularly those with poor mobility) valuable minutes to evacuate the building. 

We are responsible for cleaning communal areas in blocks of flats.  Your Housing Officer will check each block on a bi-monthly basis to carry out fire safety and cleaning checks.

In Independent Living schemes, the site officer on duty cleans the communal areas. 

Door fobs
If you lose the door fob key to your communal entrance door or require additional fob keys, contact your Housing Officer.  We will require payment in advance.

Window cleaning
We do not provide a window cleaning service to tenants other than for Independent Living schemes where windows are cleaned twice a year.

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