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Communal or shared gardens

Where a communal or shared garden exists at a sheltered housing scheme or block of flats, your Housing Officer can advise you on the defined boundaries and who is responsible for which part of the garden.

If you live in an Independent Living scheme and wish to create additional borders or flower beds, you must ensure you have the consent of your Site Officer before creating these.

Communal gardens are for the enjoyment of all residents.  Any play equipment or other items must not be left overnight in the garden.

Outbuildings and Garages
You must not store any highly flammable materials in any outbuilding or garage allocated to your home.

Satellite dishes
We understand that tenants may wish to make additions to their home to complement its amenities.  Before doing so however, you must have written consent from your Housing Officer.  This includes any work relating to the installation of satellite dishes and aerials.  Where permission is given, you will be responsible for any damage caused to the property and/or the property of others through the dish or aerial being installed, dismantled or becoming dislodged.

Communal aerials are maintained by us.

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