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Your neighbourhood

We ask that everyone who lives on our estates is a good neighbour. This includes:

  • Making sure you help to keep your building a pleasant and safe place to live
  • Respecting your neighbours and their visitors
  • If your building has a door entry system, making sure that you close the door behind you.  Do not prop it open.
  • Only letting someone in the building if you know them
  • Keeping noise to a reasonable level, especially if your windows are open
  • Doing your washing, vacuuming and DIY activities at reasonable times
  • Not throwing or dropping anything from upper balconies or windows, or let your children or visitors do so
  • Use the bin areas provided and recycle your rubbish if possible
  • Helping to keep shared areas clean and free from obstructions (this is important in helping to reduce the risk of fire)
  • Not changing oil or empty fuel tanks in any vehicles within the boundary of the block or in neighbouring roads
  • Parking your car in marked parking areas where possible