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Garage lettings and sales

In 2017 the council started to review its garage stock and sell those that were no longer of social or economic value.

The disposal programme is ongoing until the review is completed. Garage sites are offered for sale at auction on the open market with assistance from property specialists and estate agents.

How do I find out which garages are currently for sale?
We are very keen to make it clear when property becomes available for sale. All garages and sites are advertised on the council’s website and with the estate agent. Wherever practicable ‘For Sale’ signs are put on sites.

How much are the garages being sold for?
The simple answer is - it depends! Just as the price of houses can be very different depending on where and what they are, garages similarly vary. Often there won’t be a fixed selling price per garage. Mostly the estate agent will give a guide price which will depend on where the garage is, its condition and the size of forecourts.

Who do I contact if I’m interested in buying a garage?
You should get in touch with the estate agent dealing with the sale. You will find contact details on the council’s website, the web, on “For Sale” signs and through estate agents’ advertising.

How do I find out what condition the garage is in?
All the sites and garages will be sold as seen, which means in the condition you see them. There will be no guarantees of condition or services and these things are down to the buyer to check out. You can arrange to view garages through the estate agent.   You might want to take advice from building specialists such as chartered surveyors, architects and engineers.

I am currently renting a garage - will my tenancy end soon?
The garages will be sold gradually, so some tenancies will end soon but others may not be affected for a couple of years. When a decision is made to sell garages you will be sent a letter explaining the situation and you will be given one month’s notice to empty and leave the garage. This letter is called a ‘Notice to Quit’.

When will the garages be sold?
The first garages are already on the market. We will be bringing them forward for sale gradually over the next 3 years or so.

I am happy renting my garage and would like to carry on doing so – do I have to stop renting my garage?
The council needs to sell the garages to reduce maintenance costs and make best use of its resources. The tenancies are short term arrangements and all of them will be ended. However, you will have the chance to bid for any of the garages that come up for sale.

I am currently renting a garage and want to buy it – why can’t the council just sell it to me?
As a public authority, the council has a duty to sell all surplus land and buildings in an open and transparent way, and allow all interested parties the opportunity to make bids. All garages must be vacant before they can be offered for sale.

I am currently renting a garage – do I have first refusal to buy the garage?
No, but you can bid for the garage although the sale is open to all.

I am currently renting a garage – if I want to buy it will I get a discount on the price?
No - discounts do not apply to the sale of garages.

Can I rent a garage until it is put up for sale?
If you are the current garage tenant you can continue to rent it until we send you a notice to vacate. Garages which are currently empty are no longer offered for rent.

I live near some garages that will be sold and wonder if they will be demolished to build houses – can the owner do this?
Some garage sites might be suitable for new housing and we will look at this as part of the review to make the best use of the council’s land, just as any prudent landowner would. This helps provide more new homes in the district and gets best value. New housing will need planning permission and that process gives everyone the opportunity to comment on issues that affect your property.

Why are you selling the garages?
The council needs to sell the garages to reduce maintenance costs and make best use of its resources.

When my tenancy ends will you provide alternative parking for me?
There are no plans to build new car parks or replacement garages.

What is going to happen to the garages that are being sold?
The garage and their sites have a range of possible future uses including of course, continuing to be used as garages. 

If you are a garage tenant you can: