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Lost and stray dogs

When a lost or stray dog is picked up by the Dog Warden, all reasonable steps will be taken to contact the dog owner. If the owner cannot be identified, the dog will be kept for a period of 7 days.

If your dog is seized as a stray and taken to either our holding kennels or to our out-of-hours operators, the following charges will be made and are payable to Stroud District Council prior to collecting your dog. Please note that there is no waiver for those in receipt of benefits; the full fee must be paid.

If your dog is wearing a collar and tag or is microchipped, and the Dog Warden is able to return your dog directly to you, the charge is £35.

1 day (includes day your dog is seized) £70
2 days £85
3 days £100
4 days £115
5 days £130
6 days £145
7 days £160
Returned directly to owner £35

Please contact the Council on 01453 754478 if you wish to make your payment over the telephone alternatively you can pay at the Council offices. Please note payments  cannot be taken outside of our working hours. Therefore dogs taken in on a Friday evening cannot be collected until Monday morning and will incur a four day charge.

In accordance with section 149(8) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Council keeps a register containing the prescribed particulars relating to stray dogs. The register is available at the Council Offices, at all reasonable times, for inspection by the public free of charge.

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