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Fireworks and animal safety

Please take steps to ensure that your animals are safe when the fireworks are going off.

We know that many pets (for example, 62% of dogs and 54% of cats according to a recent RSPCA survey) show signs of distress linked to fireworks. However there are lots of simple things that pet owners can do to help their animals cope with fireworks better. The RSPCA’s advice page has lots of hints and tips to help dog, cat, small animal and horse owners.


Tips on how you can make fireworks less frightening for your pet

  • Keep your pets secured INSIDE your home. Even dogs in fenced in yards find ways to escape the scary sounds
  • Give them a safe place to hide. Set up a comfortable room or crate in your home just for them
  • Use ambient noise to mask the noise of fireworks. A radio or TV playing comforting music or people talking works well
  • Ensure their ID and Microchip details are up to date, just in case
  • Skip the celebration and stay home with your pets. Sometimes your presence makes all the difference
  • Keep them busy, treat toys, like kongs, can help distract them during the display

RSPCA advice on pets and fireworks


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