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Planning and building control

  • planning-and-building-controlpng Apply for planning permission

    How to submit a planning application and advice on whether planning permission is required.

  • searchpng Search planning applications

    Search, view and comment on planning applications.

  • conservation-greypng Conservation, biodiversity, listed buildings, trees and hedgerows

    The conservation service includes information on listed buildings, conservation areas, biodiversity, tree conservation and hedges. You may also apply for pre-application advice.

  • hazard-signpng Building control

    Our building control service ensures that buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations and associated legislation.

  • boundary-maps-greypng Planning strategy

    Have a look at the Local Plan and find other planning guidance that aims to shape the way in which Stroud District is developed in the future.

  • council-tax-greypng Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

    CIL is a levy on certain types of development to fund infrastructure in the Stroud district. Find out if your development is CIL liable and the process involved.

  • law-and-legalpng Planning appeals

    How to submit a planning appeal, deadlines for submitting an appeal, viewing planning appeals and decisions.

  • county-district-greypng Planning constraints and policy maps

    Check if your property is in a conservation area, area of outstanding natural beauty, flood zone, if there are any trees with preservation orders on them, if the property is listed or has an article 4 direction on it. Also see which site specific policies apply to the site.

  • exclamation-markpng Planning enforcement

    Planning enforcement investigates possible breaches of planning control and aims to resolve these using the most appropriate means or action.

  • for-salepng Local land charges

    Carries out searches to identify any registrations that may affect property or land.

  • streetpng Address management

    Creates and amends official addresses and names streets.

  • informationpng Statement of Community Involvement

    How we will consult with the community on planning matters.

  • hazard-signpng Dangerous, dilapidated or insecure buildings & structures

    People in control of buildings and other structures are responsible for ensuring that they do not deteriorate to such an extent that they can become a danger to other people and that unauthorised access is controlled.

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