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Address management

The address management function creates and amends official addresses and names streets.

There is no statutory requirement to register a house name in association with a numbered property.  Therefore, the Council will not routinely process requests of this nature.

You need to apply and then pay the appropriate fee to do any of the following

  • Change the existing name of an officially addressed property (not applicable to numbered properties) (AM Form 1)
  • Obtain official addresses (and postcodes) for new properties (AM Form 2)
  • Obtain official addresses (and postcodes) for existing properties (AM Form 3)
  • Name a new street (AM Form 2)
  • Name an existing unnamed street (AM Form 4)
  • Rename an existing named street (AM Form 4)
  • Amend your property address (e.g. revised street and postcode) (AM Form 5)

Further information can be found in the Address Management and Street Naming & Numbering Protocol

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