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Healthy homes loan

Healthy homes loan

Interest free loans are available for owner occupiers from a minimum £500 up to a maximum of £15,000 (subject to a means test) to remove a serious defect in your property that could affect your health. This is subject to qualification under the means test.

To be eligible for a healthy homes loan you must satisfy the following conditions:

  • You are over 18 years of age
  • Your property is in Council Tax bands A, B, C or D and category 1 hazards exist
  • You own your home and occupy it as your permanent residential address
  • You have current building insurance

Loans are NOT available if:

  • Your property is a second home or holiday cottage
  • Your property was built or converted less than ten years ago
  • You want to carry out works that are not considered to be essential
  • Your property is under-occupied
  • Works needed are less than £500

Any works the Council believe are necessary to reduce defects in your home that threaten the health and safety of the occupants may be eligible. For example, if your property suffers from penetrating damp, a structural problem or is hard to heat. These types of defects are known as Category 1 hazards. An Environmental Health Officer will visit your home to make an assessment of the Category 1 hazards and will decide if you are eligible for the interest free loan. The loan is secured against your property with a Local Land Charge and does not have to be repaid until you decided to sell your property or you no longer live there.

Arrange a visit

If you are interested in a Healthy Homes Loan please contact us to arrange a visit to your property for an assessment.

Please view the following document for further information.

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