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Secure Tenancy

As a Secure Tenant you can live in the property for the rest of your life as long as you comply with your tenancy agreement. Secure Tenancies can only be ended by a court order, following a court hearing to look at the reasons behind the breaches of tenancy.

As long as you have kept to your Tenancy Agreement as an Introductory Tenant, then you will become a Secure Tenant (after the initial 12 month period or in 18 months in the case of an extended Introductory Tenancy).

As a Secure Tenant you have the legal right to stay in your council home as long as you keep to the conditions of your tenancy. There are some circumstances, for example redevelopment, where the council can make you move to another property. If this is likely to happen you will be given plenty of notice.

Most secure tenants enjoy considerable rights which are covered in the 'Secure Tenants' rights' link under Rights and Responsibilities.

If you are moving from a Secure Tenancy with another Council or a Housing Association then you will be given a Secure Tenancy immediately.

Read our Secure Tenancy agreement.

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