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Joint Tenancy

Under a Joint Tenancy, all the tenants share equal responsibility.

A Joint Tenancy is where both people sign the Tenancy Agreement and are equally responsible for meeting the conditions of their tenancy. Both of you will both responsible for paying the whole rent (not just your share of it), for clearing any missed rent payments (again, not just your share).  This is the case even if you are not living at the property. You can apply for a Joint Tenancy at any time if you’re married, in a registered civil partnership or have been a cohabiting couple and lived together at the property for at least 12 months.  If your Secure Tenancy started before April 2012, you may be able to assign your tenancy to another family member.  Check with your Housing Officer.

To apply for a Joint Tenancy, download and complete this application form and:

  • supply a letter from each of you
  • proof of I.D.
  • proof that the address has been your main address for at least 12 calendar months e.g. electricity bill or an official document

When another person’s name is added to a sole tenancy a new Tenancy Agreement has to be created.

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