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What if I don't pay my rent?

If you do not pay your rent, we (the landlord) will take steps to repossess.

Our preferred solution is to help you to meet your rent obligations and for you to stay secure in your home.  Don't ignore the problem: it won't go away and the longer you leave it, the worse it gets.  Get in touch with your Housing Officer immediately.

If you still do not pay your rent then we will take legal steps to repossess the property so that another person or family can be housed.

If your circumstances change you must tell us; it may affect your benefits.

Avoid paying your rent?
It only gets worse. Action includes:

  • Firm letters and home visits from us
  • A notice seeking possession
  • A visit to County Court
  • A Possession Order
  • Possible eviction
  • Homelessness

Former tenant arrears
Any tenant who has left their property with outstanding rent arrears – whether or not this was the result of an eviction – will still owe that rent and we will take all steps to ensure that it is paid.

In the event of a tenant having died then any outstanding arrears will be sought from their estate.

If there are any costs associated with rechargeable repairs then these too will be added to any outstanding arrears.

For more information, please read our Income Collection and Recovery policy.



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