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You can buy more shares in your home until you reach full ownership (100% share), this process is known as ‘Staircasing’.

If you buy more shares in your home this reduces the rent, as you only pay rent on the part of the property you do not own.

As you think about buying more shares in your home, you should consider the following important points:

  • If you plan to increase your borrowing to buy additional shares you should speak to your mortgage lender before contacting us to start the staircasing process. You may not be able to borrow as much as you need. Check for any fees they may charge.
  • Obtain a quote for any legal fees you will incur to make sure you are able to pay without causing any financial hardship.
  • The cost of a share depends on the value of your home at the time you buy the share. Your lease agreement provides more information on staircasing.
  • There are costs, from Stroud District Council of an application fee, valuation fee and legal fees for staircasing, as stated in your lease.
  • If you staircase to 100% of your home, you will be responsible for arranging your own buildings insurance.

If you have any questions, please refer to your lease or contact the Right to Buy Officers.

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