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Local Plan Review | Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan | Regulation 19 Consultation May 2021

The 2021 Submission Draft Local Plan is currently at Examination.  

The draft local plan was published for Pre-submission public consultation in May 2021 (Regulation 19). It was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in October 2021 (Regulation 20) and is currently at Examination. 

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Pre-submission Draft Plan (Regulation 19 consultation, May 2021)

View the plan:

Download the complete Stroud District Submission Draft Local Plan 2021 

Or view specific parts or chapters by using the links below. 

image of Submission Draft Plan contents page


The Contents Page is available as a PDF with hyperlinks that will take you directly to each of the chapters / parts listed below:


Part 1

This PDF contains:

  • Introduction | Local Plan Review | Regulation 19 consultation
  • Chapter 1 Setting the scene: Why do we need a plan?

Part 2

This chapter sets out the Local Plan's overall strategy for managing growth and development across the District, up to 2040. It describes the Plan's overarching objectives for the future. It sets out where future strategic development will go and explains the levels and types of growth that have been planned for, in order to meet the District's needs. Includes Core Policies CP1 - CP6.

Part 3

In developing a Local Plan for the District, it is important to have a vision of the kind of place we want to be living in, working in or visiting in the future. This chapter takes a closer look at the opportunities, needs, priorities and distinct characteristics of different parts of the District. Includes a summary of the development strategy for individual settlements, site allocation policies and "mini visions" for each of the parish cluster areas:

Part 4

Includes Core Policies CP7 - CP10 and a series of Delivery Policies.

Part 5

Includes Core Policies CP11 - CP13 and a series of Delivery Policies.

Part 6

Includes Core Policies CP14 - CP15 and a series of Delivery Policies.

Part 7

This PDF contains:

  • Chapter 7: Delivery and Monitoring (note: the site names in the Delivery Table page 306 have been corrected 15-06-21)
  • Appendix A: Settlement Development Limit Changes

Part 8

This PDF contains:

  • Appendix B: areas for renewable energy
  • Appendix C: parking standards
  • Appendix D: policies map changes
  • Appendix E: Glossary
  • Image credits and information

The Draft Local Plan is structured around a series of 8 Parish Clusters