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Local Plan Examination

Local Plan Examination

The Stroud District Council Local Plan will now be subject to an independent examination to be conducted by the Planning Inspectorate. This is a continuous process running from the date of Submission through to the receipt of the appointed Planning Inspectors report. Part of this process will involve hearing sessions where attendees will have the opportunity to respond to matters raised by the appointed Planning Inspector. The Inspector will determine whether the submission of further written material to the examination is necessary. Once confirmed, all details relating to the examination process will be advertised, made available online and sent to all respondents via the independent Programme Officer. The District Council has no control over this process and any questions relating to the examination, attendance, or times and dates must be sent to the independent Programme Officer.


Planning Inspectors 

The Planning Inspectorate has now appointed the following Inspectors:

Victoria Lucas LLB MCD MRTPI and Yvonne Wright BSc(Hons) DIPT&CP MSc MRTPI


Programme Officer 

Charlotte Glancy,

C/O Banks Solutions

80 Lavinia Way

East Preston

West Sussex

BN16 1DD

Tel: 01903 776601

M: +447519 628064

Charlotte Glancy has been appointed as the Programme Officer for the Local Plan examination and will deal with all procedural and administrative matters. Charlotte Glancy is independent from the Council and reports directly to the inspector. She will act as a channel of communication between the Inspector and all parties including the council officers and representors.

Those who made representations at the Pre-Submission stage will, if the Inspector deems appropriate, be offered the opportunity to submit further material or take part in specific hearing sessions at their request and will be notified regarding the examination process by the Programme Officer.

This website will be updated when the Planning Inspectorate has appointed an Inspector and when hearing sessions are scheduled.


Examination Library

The Examination Library comprises all the documents submitted to the Planning Inspectorate that make up the examination process:

Examination Library


Useful Information:

The Procedure Guide for Local Plan Examinations

The Coronavirus (COVID-19)- Planning Inspectorate guidance

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