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Make a listed building consent application

Application requirements

In most cases, plans, elevations and sections at a scale of 1:50 should be submitted, clearly annotated to show the extent of retention and/or removal of the existing features and fabric of the building.

Alterations to features such as windows will require drawings at a larger scale such as 1:10 or 1:5 for clarification. For further information regarding traditional casement windows see our conservation guidance sheet.

Details of the new materials to be used.

Photographs of the elements to be altered, extensively repaired or removed may be useful.

Additionally, a Design and Access Statement is required as part of every Listed Building Consent Application. This is essentially a justification for the proposed works and should outline the thinking behind the proposed alterations, and explain what impact they will have on the character and historic interest of the Listed Building. Where applicable, you should include the reasoning for the loss of, or changes to, any historic fabric, the removal of any architectural features, changes to the layout and plan form of the building, and the visual and physical impact of any new extension.

Make an application or download an application form

Print an application form

What happens next?

On receipt of a Listed Building Consent application, a qualified Conservation Officer will visit the building in order to determine whether or not the proposed works will cause harm to its character and special historic interest. During the course of an application, a site notice will be placed near the building, and the Town or Parish Council will be notified. In some cases, Historic England will also be consulted. Any comments from the Statutory Consultees and neighbours will be taken into account. The whole application process should take less than eight weeks.

If Consent is granted, the Council may attach conditions which will require you to submit further information before work commences. All conditions should be read carefully and must be complied with. It is a criminal offence if the works begin without formal approval of the conditional detail.

If Listed Building Consent is refused, you have the right to appeal to the Secretary of State; details of how to do this appear on the decision notice


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