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A Heritage Strategy for Stroud District


A Strategy for the enjoyment and positive management of Stroud District's historic environment and heritage assets.


The Council recognises the contribution that our area's heritage makes to the character of Stroud District, its economic vitality and the quality of life of people who live and work here. Our heritage contributes to our local identity and sense of community, while our historic environment is part of the district's visual and cultural appeal, helping to attract people and investment to our area.

Heritage Strategy 2018

Valuing our historic environment and assets - A Heritage Strategy for Stroud District

This Strategy was adopted as supplementary planning advice (SPA) in February 2018, following public consultation during summer 2017. Its purpose is to set informed priorities for the conservation, management and monitoring of the district's heritage assets, including the effective and efficient discharge of the Council's statutory duties and obligations. 

A Heritage Strategy for Stroud District - February 2018

Although it will be used to support and implement the current Local Plan (in particular Policy ES10), the Strategy does not set out detailed policy or guidance to supplement what is already established in the Plan itself. Instead, the Strategy seeks to highlight the value and significance of our District's heritage, the benefits of positive management, and how this ties in with the Council's wider corporate priorities.

Action Plan

The second part of the Strategy will be an Action Plan. The first Action Plan will consist of a programme of works, which relate to the Strategy's key priorities. The Action Plan will set out realistic objectives and actions for the next five years. There will be an annual progress report to Environment Committee and the Plan will be periodically refreshed with a rolling five year time frame.

The Action Plan is still in development, taking account of feedback we received about our consultation paper (see below) from key heritage and historic environment stakeholders, town and parish councils and interested individuals.