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The consideration of biodiversity matters is an important part of the determination of a planning application and is guided by various national, regional and local policies.

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

Biodiversity Net Gain is an approach to development which means that habitats for wildlife must be left in a measurably better state than they were before the development occurred.

Achieving BNG means that habitats will need to be extended or improved as part of the development process. Developments will need to be designed in such a way that provides benefits to both people and nature and also reduces impacts on the wider environment.

Under the Environment Act 2021, all planning permissions granted in England, with a few exemptions, will have to deliver a minimum 10% biodiversity net gain starting in in 2024. BNG will need be measured using the relevant Statutory Biodiversity Metric. Avoiding impacts on biodiversity is the first priority, and BNG should be delivered on site where possible, and off-site a last resort. BNG will need to be secured and monitored for at least 30 years.

Working with all LPAs across Gloucestershire we have produced guidance to help applicants and developers with our approach to BNG assessment within the planning process. 

Further site/project specific input can be provided via our pre-application service.

Biodiversity Net Gain Guidance

Current Government announcement indicates the delivery of BNG will become mandatory from:

  • 12th February 2024 for Major Site applications
  • 2nd April 2024 for Minor Site applications


Pre-application advice 

If you intend to submit a development proposal to us, contact us at the pre-application stage and we will be able to tell you what biodiversity information, surveys and assessments you should provide. This is part of a paid pre-application advice service 

Other Biodiversity and Landscape information and evidence can be found on the Planning Strategy evidence base web page

Gloucestershire Centre for Environmental records (GCER) offers a data enquiries service that provides access to species records, habitat data and details of designated sites.


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