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Environmental Evidence

The Council has developed an economy and employment evidence base to support the current Local Plan and the ongoing Local Plan Review. A number of studies have been produced, in some cases undertaken with or by other authorities and consultants.


Gloucestershire Biodiversity Action Plan - Gloucestershire BAP

Severn Estuary (Stroud District) Visitor Survey Report (2016)

Severn Estuary (Stroud District) Visitor Survey Maps

A Strategic Framework for Green Infrastructure in Gloucestershire (2015)

A Guide for Planners on Incorporating the Gloucestershire Nature Map into Local Development Plans (2013)



Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plan - Cotswolds AONB

Landscape Sensitivity Appraisal (2013)

Landscape Sensitivity Assessment (2016)

Stroud District Landscape Assessment (2000)


Flood risk

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Level 2

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Addendum Report

Appendix A - Update March 2014

Appendix B - Update March 2014

EA signoff letter

SFRA Addendum Report: Sharpness (2014)

Flood Risk Sequential Test for the Local Plan (2014)


Sustainable construction and design

Environmental requirements for new build development (2019)

New build sustainability checklist (2019)


Other environmental projects

Air Quality

Design and conservation statements and Stroud Public Realm Strategy

Development Location Comparison and Carbon Footprinting Study (2011)

Green Infrastructure, Sport and Recreation Study (2019)

SALA 2017 Heritage Impact Appraisal (May 2017)

SALA 2018 Heritage Impact Appraisal (October 2018)

SALA 2019 Heritage Impact Appraisal (September 2019)

SALA 2020 Heritage Impact Appraisal (October 2020)