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Conservation, biodiversity, listed buildings, trees and hedgerows

  • heritage-museumpng Listed buildings

    Information and advice on Listed Buildings.

  • parkspng Conservation areas

    Conservation areas are designated by the District Council when an area is recognised to have a special character or appearance worthy of protection.

  • treespng Trees

    Conservation Areas and Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

  • conservation-greypng Hedgerows

    Hedgerows are a familiar site within our countryside with many being of interest for landscape, wildlife and historic reasons and so are protected under the 1997 Hedgerows Regulations.

  • publicationspng A Heritage Strategy for Stroud District

    A Strategy for the enjoyment and positive management of Stroud District's historic environment and heritage assets. (Supplementary Planning Advice).

  • allotments-greypng Biodiversity

    Biodiversity considerations in planning.

  • bullet-listpng Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA)

    Mitigation Strategies to address the impact of development within zone of influence of identified Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) sites - Rodborough Common SAC, Severn Estuary SAC and Cotswold Beechwoods SAC

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