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Address management

The address management function creates and amends official addresses and names streets.

You need to apply to do any of the following

  • Change the name of your property
  • Obtain an official address for new or existing properties/commercial units/property conversions/divisions
  • Name a new street
  • Name an existing unnamed street
  • Rename an existing named street
  • Amend your property address (e.g. revised street and postcode)

Further information can be found in our Street Naming & Numbering advice.

How to apply

How to pay

  • Cheque made payable to Stroud District Council
  • Credit/Debit card. Our Cashiers will telephone you to take the payment


Property name change £30.00
Official address for a new or existing property  
  • 1-5 properties
£30.00 each
  • 6-25 properties
£25.00 each
  • 26 + properties
£20.00 each
Naming a new street (charge to the developer)


Naming an existing unnamed street (charge to Parish or Town Council)


Renaming an existing named street (adopted or private) £120.00 plus £30.00 for each affected postal address thereon
Address amendments (e.g. revised street and postcode) £30.00

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