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Dog warden service

The dog warden service will collect dogs which have already be caught and will look for and catch stray dogs which are reported. Dogs may be returned to the owners providing they have identification or they may be taken to an animal shelter. Not many dog owners know that it is a legal requirement to ensure their dog wears a collar and tag at all times when in a public place and that offending owners can risk prosecution with a fine of up to £5,000. As of April 2016 all dogs in England must also be micro-chipped and the details on the chip must be kept up to date. Owners who fail to comply with this legislation risk being fined a maximum of £500.00

Lost and stray dogs

When a lost or stray dog is picked up by the Dog Warden, all reasonable steps will be taken to contact the dog owner. If we cannot identify the owner, we will keep the dog for a period of 7 days.

Should your dog be seized as a stray and taken to either our holding kennels or to our out of hours operators, the following charges will be made and are payable to Stroud District Council prior to collecting your dog. (Please note there is no waiver for those in receipt of benefits, the full fee must be paid):

1 day (includes day your dog is seized) £70
2 days £85
3 days £100
4 days £115
5 days £130
6 days £145
7 days £160
Returned directly to owner £35


If your dog is wearing a collar and tag or is microchipped and the Dog Warden is able to return your dog directly to you the charge is £35.

Please contact the Council on 01453 754478 if you wish to make your payment over the telephone alternatively you can pay at the Council offices. Please note payments  cannot be taken outside of our working hours. Therefore dogs taken in on a Friday evening cannot be collected until Monday morning and will incur a four day charge.

In accordance with section 149(8) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Council keeps a register containing the prescribed particulars relating to stray dogs. The register is available at the Council Offices, at all reasonable times, for inspection by the public free of charge.

What to do if you have lost a dog

If you have lost a dog, please telephone 01453 754478 during normal office hours.

What to do if you have found a dog

If you have found a stray dog, please telephone 01453 754478 during normal office hours or our out of hours service on 01453 766321 during evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays, who will direct you further. Please note, there is no stray collection service during out of hours.

Dog fouling

The Council will investigate dog fouling complaints but prosecution is only possible if there is a least one witness prepared to give evidence. The maximum fine is £1,000. The Council also provides anti fouling signs and poop scoop bins where appropriate.

You can report dog fouling online here

Responsible dog ownership

Stroud District Council actively promotes responsible dog ownership and encourages all dog owners to neuter and microchip their pets and to be aware of their responsibilities under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Public Spaces Protection Orders (including dog fouling)

The previously adopted Public Spaces Protection Orders relating to dog control within Stroud District Council have been extended for a further 3 years commencing on 18th October 2023. The requirements of the Orders were unchanged. The Orders are as follows:-

Dogs must still be kept on leads on canal towpaths and cycle tracks after Stroud District Council asked residents and organisations for their views.

As part of a three-yearly review of the Public Spaces Protection Orders, Stroud District Council proposed to extend the use of the PSPOs for a further three years but to make one change by removing canal towpaths and designated cycle tracks from areas where dogs should be kept on a lead.

Responses to the consultation over the Summer months showed that most respondents wished to extend all four PSPOs for another three years – approximately 78% of formal consultees and 97% of public respondents.

Additionally a majority also indicated a wish for it to remain necessary for dogs to be kept on leads on canal towpaths and designated cycle tracks – approximately 56% of formal consultees and 65% of public respondents.

Consequently, all four PSPOs have been renewed unchanged.

Dog fouling

it remains a legal requirement for all those in charge of a dog (other than those with a registered assistance dog) to clean up after their dog has fouled. This order applies to anywhere in the District to which the public has a right of access. Anyone witnessed not cleaning up could receive a fixed penalty notice of £75 or a maximum £1000 fine should the matter proceed to Court. The Council provides around 500 specific dog waste bins around the District but dog walkers can also use any litter bin or their own general household waste bin to dispose of their dog waste. You can also be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £75 for littering if you fail to dispose of bags of collected fouling in the correct manner.

  • strategypng Dog fouling facts and myths

    Few subjects stir the emotions as much as dog fouling. Dog walkers who fail to clean up leave behind a deeply unpleasant and potentially harmful problem. As with all emotive subjects there are a number of myths that have grown over the years to the point that they are accepted as truth. So, let’s try to deal with this “false news” and get our facts right!

  • animals-greypng Aggressive dogs

    Aggressive dogs are those animals that behave in an aggressive manner, bite or attack other animals or people. Both the Police and the Council have powers to deal with aggressive dogs.

  • report-itpng Changes to stray dog service

    With effect from Monday 17th July 2017, Stroud District Council will be making changes to its stray dog service.

  • electric-vehiclespng Professional Dog Walkers’ Code of Conduct

    Stroud District Council’s Animal Welfare team has launched a Professional Dog Walkers’ Code of Conduct in response to the growing number of people providing this service.

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