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Report a missed bin collection

If your bin or container have not been emptied on the day your collection is due, you can report it online.

Service Updates:

Waste collections in  Lodgemore Lane GL5 3EG and Lodgemore Close GL5 3HU

Due to a road closure with a weight limit, Ubico will not be able to access these  roads to make refuse or recycling collections until Friday 21st June.  Collections will be made as follows:

Refuse that was due for collection on Wednesday 12th June, will now be collected on Friday 21st June – you may present one additional bag of waste next to your bin.

Recycling that is due to be collected on Wednesday 19th June, will now be collected on Friday 21st June

Food waste will be collected as normal on Wednesday 19th June

Recycling was not collected from Middle Hill to Lidlington Burcombe GL6 8BQ due to a parked car blocking access. We respectfully ask that vehicles are parked responsibly to allow safe navigation for waste collection vehicles. Collections will be attempted again on Tuesday 25th June. 








Before you report a missed bin:

  • Check any service updates above
  • Is it your bin collection day? Please refer to your new calendar or you can find your collection day
  • Did you leave your bin in the right place? Bins should be placed at the edge of your property (where gates or drives meet the pavement) unless you have an assisted collection
  • Was your bin out in time? Collections start from 6:00am. 
  • Missed bins should be reported within 2 days of the scheduled collection.
  • Bad weather. Inclement weather such as snow and ice may mean that it is unsafe for bin crews to leave the depot. However unless otherwise instructed by the council, please leave your bin/containers out as normal and we will empty it as soon as we are able 

 Report a missed bin collection form

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