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Complaints about Individual Councillors

Complaints about Individual Councillors

Stroud District Council handles complaints from members of the public about misconduct by district, town and parish councillors.

If you want to complain about the conduct of a member of Stroud District Council or a member of one of our parish and town councils, you must submit your complaint to:

The Monitoring Officer, Stroud District Council, Council Offices, Ebley Mill, Ebley Wharf, Stroud, Glos, GL5 4UB

Or by email:

District Councillors

All district councillors are required to comply with the Council’s Code of Member Conduct, a copy which is available within the Constitution together with the complaints procedure. Such complaints will be investigated by the Council’s Monitoring Officer.

The Member Code of Conduct (for District Councillors) and the process and procedures we follow can be seen below:

Town and Parish Councillors

If you consider that a town or parish councillor may have breached their own council’s code of conduct (which will be available from the relevant council’s website or its clerk), you may refer the matter to the District Council’s Monitoring Officer (contact details above). Any other types of complaint should be referred to the clerk of the town or parish council concerned.

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