Temporary Event Notices (TEN)

If you wish to hold an occasional or ad-hoc event for up to 499 people, where licensable activities are to take place, you must apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN).

Licensable activities are:

  • Regulated entertainment - plays, films, recorded music, indoor sporting events, live music, boxing or wrestling entertainment, performance of dance;
  • Late night refreshment: provision of hot food and/or hot drinks between 11pm and 5am;
  • Sale by retail of alcohol;
  • Supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to a member or to the order of a member.

Standard Temporary Event Notices are served at least 10 working days before the event and Late Temporary Event Notices are served between 5 and 9 working days notice.

Please note the working days notice period for TENs does not include the day the TEN is received by the Local Authority or the day of the event.

Applicants must be over the age of 18 and the maximum number of TENs that can be applied for per calendar year is 5 Standard TENs or 2 Late TENs. Personal Licence holders can apply for 50 Standard TENs or 10 Late TENs.

There is a maximum of 499 people at any one time permitted at the event and it can last up to 168 hours (7 days). There must be at least 24 hours between each event.

There can only be a maximum of 15 TENs per premises per calendar year, with an overall limit of no more than 21 days in total per calendar year.



The TEN should contain:

  • if alcohol is to be supplied, a statement confirming that it is a condition of using the premises that the supplies are made under the Premises User's authority
  • details of the licensable activities
  • the event period
  • the times when during that period the activities will take place
  • the maximum number of people proposed to be allowed on the premises
  • any other required matters



Apply Online

If you apply online the Licensing Authority are required to forward a copy of your Notice to the Police and Environmental Health by the end of the first working day after they received your Notice. A fee of £21.00 will be payable when submitting your Notice online.

Apply by post

1) Send one copy of the completed Temporary Event Notice to the Licensing Team at the address below together with the fee which is £21. Payment can be made using the following methods:

  • by cheque made payable to ‘Stroud District Council’
  • by cash/card at the address below
  • by telephone using a credit/debit card – please call 01453 754440 during office hours and we will arrange for a cashier to call you back to take the payment.

The Licensing Team

Stroud District Council
Ebley Mill
Ebley Wharf
Westward Road

2) Send one copy of the completed Temporary Event Notice to the Police Licensing Unit at the following address:

Gloucestershire Constabulary
Licensing Unit
Hucclecote Police Station
58 Hucclecote Road


3) Send one copy of the completed Temporary Event Notice to the Environmental Protection Team at the following address:

Environmental Protection Team
Stroud District Council
Ebley Mill
Ebley Wharf
Westward Road

Once you have submitted your application

Provided that a completed notice has been submitted and the limits in respect of temporary event notices have not been exceeded, the Licensing Authority will acknowledge your notice by returning a receipted copy of your notice to you. If the limits have been exceeded the Licensing Authority will serve a counter notice and the event will not be permitted and any activity that did take place would not be authorised.

Standard TENs

The chief officer of the police and/or environmental health may object to a notice if they believe that the event would undermine the licensing objectives and objection notices must be served on the premises user and the Licensing Authority before the end of the third working day following the day on which they were given the temporary event notice.

Late TENs

On receipt of an objection notice to a Late TEN the licensing authority are required to serve a Counter Notice on the premises user and the police and environmental health no later than 24 hours before the beginning of the event and the event will not be permitted.

A police chief and/or environmental health may modify a Standard TEN with the consent of the premises user. In such a case an objection notice will be deemed to have been withdrawn.

Counter notices may also be provided by the licensing authority if the number of permitted TENs has been exceeded.

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