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Taxi and Private Hire Policy

Stroud District Council Taxi and Private Hire Policy from 1st October 2021 to 1st October 2026


Common Licensing Standards for Licensing Hackney and Private Hire Drivers in Gloucestershire - 1st October 2021

These are adopted by Stroud District Council. They are based on the Department for Transport's Statutory Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Standards and lay out the principles Councils in Gloucestershire will apply when licensing drivers, vehicles and operators. They also include the relevance of convictions policy and the enforcement and complaints policy.


Stroud District Council Taxi and Private Hire Policies 1st October 2021

These sit along side the Common Standards and lay out the application criteria and conditions for driver, vehicle and operator licences based on the Common Standards. The documents also include Stroud District Council's policy on matters not included in the Common Standards such as vehicle criteria. 


Stroud District Council's Policy on the Use of the National Register of Refusals, Suspensions and Revocations ( NR3)

See our National Register of Revocations, Suspensions and Revocations web page



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