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Enhanced DBS Checks

In accordance with Stroud District Council’s policy, it is mandatory that all taxi and private hire drivers sign up to the DBS update Service. Once you are signed up Licensing Officers will undertake six monthly on-line enhanced checks of your DBS criminal records, including checks against the children and adult Barred Lists for licensed drivers.

New Drivers

All new taxi and private hire drivers must complete an Enhanced DBS Check ahead of a licence being issued. Once licensed as a taxi and/or private hire driver, you must subscribe and maintain a subscription to the DBS update service.

If you are already registered with the DBS update service, you may be able to use this registration. Please note that the DBS certificate must satisfy the following:
- Workforce must state ‘Other Workforce’
- Child and Adult Barring lists must be included.

If you are unsure about whether an existing certificate meets our criteria please contact

How to apply for an Enhanced DBS Check

First read the instructions below and then click on this link to apply for a DBS check.

Select: Standard/Enhanced DBS Application

Enter the following details:

Organisation Reference - STROUD1

Organisation code - STROUD1

When you get to the section that asks your job role please enter taxi driver or private hire driver as appropriate

When you have submitted your form you must note the reference number on your taxi or private hire driver application/renewal form or you can email it to

Make the payment for the Enhanced DBS application

Pay the £54.40 here

Provide three forms of ID to complete the Enhanced DBS application

As part of your enhanced DBS application you will be required to submit 3 forms of ID to the licensing section. For a list of acceptable documents for the ID check please click here.

Signing up to the DBS Update Service

To sign up to the DBS update service you will need to go to:

It costs £13 per year and you can pay by debit/credit card. You can only register when you are in the process of applying for a new DBS certificate or within the first month following the receipt of your Enhanced Certificate.


You will need your DBS application reference number (starts with an E and is emailed to you once your DBS application is complete and the Licensing Team have checked your identity documents). You must sign up to the update service within 28 days of being emailed the DBS application reference number.


You will need your certificate number (top right hand side of certificate). You must sign up to the update service within 30 days of the certificate being issued.


Please note that if your DBS update service registration lapses you will be required to apply for a new DBS certificate and pay the £54.40 fee. 





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