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Renewing your licence

We will send you a renewal reminder about one month before your licence expires. Your renewal form will list your renewal criteria.

You must submit your renewal application form, fee and all supporting documents and codes before your licence expires.  Renewals submitted after the expiry date will not be accepted and you will need to make a new application.

Here are useful online links for your renewal applications. Please look at your renewal form for the full list of renewal criteria. Email your renewal form and supporting documents to


Driver licence renewal

Renewal Fee Payment links

DVLA Check Code - generate a code here 

Tax Check Codegenerate a code here  - make sure that you choose the driver option

Enhanced DBS payment  link - **only needed if you are not already registered on the DBS update service** DBS payment link 

Enhanced DBS application - **only needed if you are not already registered on the DBS update service. All drivers must be registered with the update service by 31st December 2023. There is more information on how to register on our DBS webpage**

Click here to make a new DBS application  Select: Standard/Enhanced DBS Application

Enter the following details:

Organisation Reference - STROUD1

Organisation code - STROUD1

When you get to the section that asks your job role please enter taxi driver or private hire driver as appropriate


Vehicle licence renewal

Vehicle Renewal Fee Payment links


Operator licence renewal

Operator Renewal Fee Payment links

Tax Check Code generate a code here make sure you choose the operator option

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