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Stroud District Local Plan review

The District Council has started the process of reviewing the current Stroud District Local Plan. The first stage was an Issues and Options public consultation, which took place during autumn 2017. Public consultation on the Emerging Strategy ran from 16th November 2018 until 18th January 2019 . Further details of this stage are shown below.

Consultation Report

During the Emerging Strategy consultation we received responses from 811 individuals and organisations, plus three petitions. A Consultation Report has now been produced which summarises the responses received to the questions set out in the Emerging Strategy paper. Detailed analysis of all responses is ongoing and we intend to publish further information in Autumn 2019 on how comments received have informed the preparation of the Draft Plan.



 Local plan


Emerging Strategy Consultation

The purpose of this Emerging Strategy consultation was to understand:-

  • Have we identified the main issues and needs relating to the places you live, work or visit in Stroud District?
  • Do you support the potential strategy for addressing these issues and meeting future development needs? Or do you support an alternative approach?

This Emerging Strategy consultation involved:

  • Public exhibitions We held public exhibitions around the District during the consultation period. This provided an opportunity to chat to officers working on the Local Plan review. 
  • Town and parish councils workshop We met with town and parish councils to discuss issues across different parts of the District.
  • Direct communication We emailed agents, developers, key stakeholders, local interest groups and members of the public who had expressed an interest in being kept informed.
  • Individual groups We held bespoke meetings to capture views. Please contact us if you know of a group that would like to get involved in future consultation events.

Documents: The Stroud District Local Plan Review –Emerging Strategy Paper

Paper copies of this document are available to view at the following locations:

  • Parish council offices open to the public
  • Public libraries
  • Stroud District Council offices, Ebley Mill

Sustainability Appraisal

We appointed Land Use Consultants Ltd to support the plan making process by undertaking Sustainability Appraisal (SA) incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Local Plan during its preparation. The overall purpose of the SA/SEA is to assess the economic, environmental and social effects of the plan from the outset to allow decisions to be made that will deliver sustainable development.

A first stage Scoping Report was produced to provide the context for, and determine the scope of SA/SEA of the Local Plan Review and to set out the framework for undertaking the later stages of the SA/SEA.

To accompany the Emerging Strategy, a Sustainability Appraisal Report was produced.

Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA)

The purpose of the Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) is to identify any aspects of the emerging Local Plan that would have the potential to cause a likely significant effect on Natura 2000 or European sites (Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and Ramsar sites), (either in isolation or in combination with other plans and projects), and to identify appropriate avoidance and mitigation strategies where such effects are identified. There is a legal requirement for HRA set out within Article 6 of the EC Habitats Directive 1992, and interpreted into British law by the Conservation of Habitats & Species Regulations 2010. The HRA should be an iterative process and will be published at each formal stage of the Local Plan process.

Why are we reviewing the plan now?

The Government wants all local authorities to review their local plans every 5 years. The current Local Plan was approved in November 2015. New plans can take 5 or more years to finalise and so it is important that we make progress now.

What is our programme?

We have built into the timetable plenty of time to discuss issues, options and proposals with local communities. There will be ongoing engagement with organisations, but the main public consultation activities will be...

Issues and options consultation

Autumn 2017


An opportunity to discuss emerging issues and identify ways of distributing and managing future development needs

Preferred options consultation ("Emerging Strategy")

Autumn 2018


We now know the minimum number of houses that we need to provide for and we have identified a potential strategy for delivery.

Final draft plan consultation

Autumn 2019

A chance to check that we have the right draft plan in place

Pre-submission consultation

Autumn 2020

The formal stages of making representations on the plan


Summer 2021

Consultation on any proposed modifications to the plan



It is anticipated that the new Local Plan will be adopted by Winter 2021/22

Previous Stages of the Local Plan Review Process

Further information

If you would like more information, please contact the Planning Policy Team.


Tel. No. 01453 754143

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