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Your rights as a Secure Tenant

If you are a Secure Tenant you have all the rights listed on this page.

If you are an Introductory Tenant, then you do not enjoy all these rights. 

As a Secure Tenant you can:

  • live in your home for the rest of your life as long as you follow the terms of your tenancy agreement
  • apply for right to buy - buy your home at a discount after a qualifying period
  • pass on your home depending on certain conditions
  • take in lodgers and sub-let part of your home with your Housing Officer's written consent.  However, this could affect any benefits you receive
  • have your home repaired and the right to repair where we have not completed repair works within the legal time frame  
  • improve your home, subject to terms and conditions and only with our written consent
  • be compensated for certain improvements you have made if you move home in certain circumstances
  • have the 'right to manage'
  • exchange your property for another if we give our written consent
  • be consulted on any housing management matters which may affect you.  Read the papers which will be discussed by the housing committee.
  • receive information about how we provide and deliver our services to tenants
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