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Lift servicing

The Council's responsibilities

The Council owns and manages properties which contain passenger lift installations and other lifting equipment to support mobility of persons. These range from hydraulic/electric passenger lifts, platform lifts, scissor lifts, stair lifts and hoists that belong to the Council in communal areas and Council owned accommodation.

The Council has a statutory duty to comply with legislation to ensure that lifting equipment is kept and maintained to a safe standard for use by its residents and employees, the public and lift maintenance personnel.

The Council has a service and repair contract. Each lift is serviced every 2 months and is inspected by our insurance company every 6 months. Repairs are carried out to ensure that the lifts remain safe and operational. Faults are responded to as quickly as possible to reduce the amount of time that a property is without an operational lift.

Tenant responsibilities

Where lifts are present tenants are responsible for contacting Property Care to report that the lift is out of service or has a fault.

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