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What service charges cover

Below is a table of what your service charge will cover:

Services we provide


Communal Cleaning Some buildings with communal doors, stairs and hallways are cleaned by our communal cleaning contractor. 
Communal Window Cleaning Communal windows are cleaned once a year.
Electricity We provide lighting to shared areas such as staircases and landings and some outside lighting.  Charges are divided between the number of flats using the meter.
Grounds Maintenance We maintain the gardens and grassed spaces in communal areas.  Some sweeping and hedge cutting also takes place.  
Insurance We insure the structure of the block and the shared areas.  The insurance covers 'all perils' including subsidence (land caving in or sinking).  It does not cover you for damage to or loss of the contents of your flat, but you may be able to claim for damage caused by flooding from another flat.  See a summary of insurance.  The full policy can be viewed by appointment at Ebley Mill.
Painting We paint the inside and outside parts of the shared areas.  There is a rolling seven year programme of work for this.
Repairs We carry out day to day repairs needed in the shared areas of the building.
Door-Entry-System We maintain and repair the door entry system.
Ground rent We charge £10 per year for ground rent.  This is for renting the land on which the property stands.
Television Service Many of our blocks of flats have a communal digital television aerial.  You must get our permission in writing if you want to put up a satellite dish or any other outside aerial.
Administration Charges This charge covers our administrative costs and we currently work it out as 15% of your service charge.
Management Fee Some of our leaseholders are charged a management fee.  This is currently £50 per annum.
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