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Garden waste collection service

Renew your licence for 2020 collections image
Renew your licence for 2020 collections

A chargeable* fortnightly garden waste collection service runs from February to the end of November.

Recycle bark, cut flowers, grass cuttings, hedge clippings, house plants, leaves, shrub prunings, twigs and small branches, untreated sawdust and wood shavings, and weeds.

Cost of garden waste collection

  • A garden waste licence costs £50 and is valid February - November 2020 inclusive. All applications will be charged at the full licence price (£50) no matter what time of year the subscription is made. (For example, subscriptions made July 2020 will only cover months up to November 2020)
  • The annual charge has increased from £45 to £50; a decision that has not been taken lightly. 

    Whilst we acknowledge this represents an 11% increase, at just over £2 per collection, we still believe it represents good value for money in a convenient and reliable package.  The new cost does compare favourably with other similar schemes and we are determined to ensure this remains the case.

    The garden waste scheme operates a self-financing model, meaning it’s critical that the total subscription revenue covers the entire service costs. 

    Furthermore, the scheme has proved so popular that it will be expanding in 2020.  We have re-engineered the scheme to accommodate additional subscribers and we expect the total number of people accessing the scheme to increase by as much as 25%

Are you an existing subscriber?

Renew your licence for 2020 collections.

Renew online


New subscribers

If you are already on the waiting list and now wish to join the scheme please confirm and pay for your reservation as soon as possible.

Sign up online

Work is underway to prepare the collection rounds and to cater for an increased number of subscribers in 2020. If you wish to express your interest in this service, please complete our online form.

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