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How the garden waste collection scheme works

Garden waste is collected fortnightly over the ten month period February to November inclusive.

When you purchase a 180 litre garden waste wheeled bin. We will no longer post licences to subscribers.  Collection staff will have live booking information stored on in-cab technology. 

Small bin stickers will be applied by operatives once collections begin in February.  These stickers aren’t mandatory and will be used as a visual aid for collection staff only, so do not worry if you have paid and your bin hasn’t been stickered, collections will still be made. 

Your bin will arrive before the scheme starts at the end of January, or within 10 working days if ordered once the scheme commences.

Only garden waste contained within the Council issued bin will be collected from the kerbside. You may subscribe to more than one bin at an additional cost.

Please ensure you present your garden waste by 6.00 am on the day of collection. If your Garden Waste Bin has not been collected on your day scheduled, please report it to the Council and we will aim to return and collect within 48 hours but it may take up to 5 working days.

Please remember that garden waste must not be put in the household waste bin.

Wheeled bin subscriptions are due for renewal in February each year and we will contact you beforehand.

If you move house within the Stroud District and still require the service please tell us your new address and take the garden waste bin with you.

Please take care of your bin because if it is lost or stolen we will not replace it. You will be required to purchase another bin to continue the service so it is suggested you may want to mark it to indicate it belongs to you/your property.