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How to comment on a planning application

The Council welcomes your comments and will give them careful consideration.

How to comment on a planning application

  • Search for the relevant planning application and submit your comments by clicking on the 'comments' button and then 'Make a Comment' on the application. 

Making a comment

  • Your full name and address should be included as part of the submission. Please note if you do not provide an address we will not be able to consult you on any amendments to the plans and will be unable to inform you of any appeal should the application be refused
  • Only material planning considerations raised can be considered as part of application process. It is not our policy to acknowledge or enter into correspondence on comments made relating to planning applications. Questions asked within comments will be considered as rhetorical
  • if the site address and application number you are commenting on are not made clear (preferably using the SDC reference number) they may not be assigned to the planning file
  • Personal details submitted as part of any third party representations, excluding representative groups, will be partially redacted from This will normally include the removal of personal phone numbers, signatures and email address. Please note if these details are included within the main body of your text they may not be removed
  • Comments may be released as part of an Freedom of Information request if it is perceived to be in the public interest
  • Any comments submitted should not contain inflammatory or libellous comments – only relevant planning considerations. We will remove any inflammatory or libellous comments from the website which are brought to its attention. Please note this may result in the entirety of your comment being removed from the website

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