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Land East Of 16, Lawnside, Forest Green, Nailsworth

Following an independent Examination and Referendum, Stroud District Council brought the Nailsworth Community Right to Build Order into legal force under Section 61E (4) of the Town & Country Planning Act (as amended) on 27th October 2016.

As a result of bringing the Community Right to Build Order for Nailsworth into legal force the proposal within the Order (10 affordable dwellings on Land East of 16, Lawnside, Forest Green, Nailsworth), has been granted planning permission.



A Referendum relating to the adoption of the Nailsworth Community Right to build Order was held on Thursday 18 August 2016

The question which was asked in the Referendum was: "Do you want the development in the Community Right to Build Order for Nailsworth (Land East of 16, Lawnside, Forest Green, Nailsworth) to have planning permission?"

The result was as follows:

  •  Yes = 965 votes
  •  No = 190 votes
  •  Turnout = 25% per cent

 The Declaration of the Result is available via this link

Examination conclusion

On 16th June 2016, Stroud District Council’s Environment Committee decided that the Nailsworth Community Right to build Order, once modified in accordance with the Examiner’s Report recommendations, should proceed to a referendum.

Regulation 24 - Independent Examination

Stroud District Council has appointed Ms Clare B. Wright MA PG Dip (BRS) MRTPI MILM as independent examiner of the proposal. On reviewing the content of the proposed Community Right to Build Order (CRTBO) and representations received as part of the publication process, Ms Wright decided the examination did not require a public hearing. 

The examination concluded on 1st June 2016.

The examiner recommended that the CRTBO, once modified, should proceed to a Referendum.



Regulation 23 – Public Consultation - 27th January 2016 to 09th March 2016 (Concluded)


Regulation 22 – Submission of Community Right to Build Order to Local Planning Authority

On 18th January 2016 Nailsworth Community Land Trust submitted their Community Right to Build Order proposal and related documents to Stroud District Council under Regulation 22 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (As Amended). These can be found below.


Regulation 21 – Pre-submission Consultation and Publicity – 3rd November 2015 to 16th December 2015 (Concluded)

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